How can I provide feedback?

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We want to hear your thoughts! There are a few different avenues to do so:

  • Surveys: You may receive the occasional survey from our Research Team. These are always optional and we won’t use your information for anything other than improving Quiz Daily.
  • Contact Us form: You can always fill out the Contact Us form on the Quiz Daily website. Please provide as much detail as you can! This will go directly to the Quiz Daily Support team, where it will be tracked and brought to the appropriate team. If you are referring to a specific quiz or piece of content, please include details on that as well. 
  • Email: You can email the Quiz Daily Support team directly at
  • Reply: You can reply to any Quiz Daily email and it will also go to the Support team.
  • Ratings: Finally, if you did have a conversation with the Support team and have feedback, you can answer the survey in the signature of any email from the Support team. You have room to leave a rating and feedback! This can be feedback about your interaction with the Support team, or about anything Quiz Daily.

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